Givers Never Lack (GNL) Initiative

Empowering Communities, Restoring Dignity, One Soul at a Time!

GNL, an initiative by Pitstop Limited, is a heartfelt endeavor to advocate and instill dignity within communities through the provision of essential supplies, affectionately known as Dignity Packs. Our dedicated team meticulously conducts collaborative research and due diligence, ensuring that our Dignity Pack Day missions are tailored to meet the immediate needs of the targeted regions.

Our Dignity Pack Contents Include:

Sanitary Pads
Boxer Shorts
Shoes & Socks
Lotion & Petroleum Jelly
School Uniforms
School Bags (crafted from recycled PVC Billboard Materials)
Exercise Books & Pens
Pencils (crafted from recycled Paper)
Text Books
Geometric Sets
Leso (traditional cloth)
Shoes & Shoe Polish
Mosquito Nets
and much more!

  • You have the power to contribute to the restoration of dignity in our society by tailoring your donation. Whether it's a single item or multiple items you choose to purchase, your generosity goes a long way in bringing smiles to people's faces. DONATE HERE
  • FOR MORE INFORMATION: +254721242074
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GLN INITIATIVE NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT You have the power to contribute to the restoration of dignity in our society by partnering with us through cash donations or donating Dignity Pack Items directly


Our Initiatives

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Education for All

Help us provide quality education to children who need it the most. Your donation will fund school supplies, scholarships, and educational infrastructure.

Free Medical Camps & Healthcare

Contribute to our healthcare initiatives to ensure that everyone has access to essential medical services and facilities. Together, we can build a healthier community

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